Friday, 5 May 2017

Toledo to Noves 33kms

Toledo to Noves 33kms
Left Toledo at just after 0630 as I was not certain if I would stop in Noves or continue to Quismondo as I had been unable to contact the AdP in Noves (more of that later). Started in light rain accompanied by thunder and lightning, luckily it stopped after about an hour and stayed overcast until Huecas. The initial route out of Toledo is relatively simple as you just go along Av de Barber to the north of the city. There are a few options to get there from the old town but all require a steep descent down a near vertical cliff. I had 2 choice either down the longest escalators I have seen (about 300m) or further west down some steps. Didn't expect to be able to use the escalators as they don't open until 0700. However, I had to walk past the escalators anyway and was delighted to find them already open at 0640. Straight down the escalator and then headed for Ave Barber. Head NW from there through a number of roundabouts with a few Camino signs evident. Was looking carefully for where this 'new' route via Villamiel splits from the alternate route via Rieves. However, it seems the what signs I saw were only to the villamiel route. From here to Huecas the signage was limited if not plain confusing - at one point there was a large formal camino sign to turn right and there is no right turn available!! Luckily, with apple maps I could see the route easily and my way was confirmed by the occasional camino sign. I have no idea what the other route is like but this one is unattractive- it's all either on road or next to the road. The only good thing is that it's 7kms shorter. From Huecas things improved as the track was better, being well away from roads, the markings were mostly good and the sun came out. Arrived in Noves at 1300 still not sure if I would stop. However, as I headed through Noves on the camino towards the church a group of ladies said hello and asked if I was looking for the AdP!  Turns out this was Phillepe's house and he had the keys! Took it as a sign to stop👍. Seems to be a good choice as it started raining when I got indoors. 
The Adp is fine. 7 beds (inc a double!) lots of other space and a washing machine ❤️.  Phillipe insisted that I have dinner with him and his family tonight and even tried to offer breakfast until I explained I would be leaving at about 0630! The AdP is a simple place but it has all that's required.  A little grubby in places so I had a bit of a clean as I had time to spare. 
Now for some AdP facts:
AdP Hospitalero is Phillepe 677832460 He lives at  18 Calle de la Iglesia and the 

AdP is 6 Calle Jose Caro. 

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