Saturday, 6 May 2017

Noves to Cadalso los Vidrios via Escalona 38 kms

Noves to Cadalso los Vidrios via Escalona 38 kms

Good start with a lovely track today - one of the best so far. Route out of Noves was simple and a pleasant walk to Quismondo. Checked that Hostel Euro Quismondo was there and it is on the right of camino as you leave Quismondo. Looks small and simple. Way to Escalona was lovely with a slight change to the farm landscape with more arable land and saw my first cows since I started! The route from Paredes de Escalona has been made more direct than previously with clearly lots of effort and the way is very well marked. Last 7km are on a very old tarmac road that is uphill all the way to CdlV. There are 2 Hostels here - the San Jose (it has 20 rooms) and the Cadalso. So unless you are here in peak Spanish holiday time rooms should be easy. Off to San Bartolome de Pinares tomorrow.

Had a drink with Felipe from Noves last night and got him to contact Juan in VdDF so that he has all the info about the Noves AdP. 

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