Friday, 16 November 2012

It's done!

Went into the Nuffield in woodingdean near Brighton at 0700 this morning. Got through all the processing fairly quickly and finished with the anaesthetist who told me she usually uses an epidural for this op. Fine by me as it is what I would have chosen. Went into theatre at about 0830 having had 'something' to help me relax and an epidural. Turned out that the anaesthetist knew the northern part of Spain well so my last recollection was of talking about the Camino Norte!  Woke up at 0950 in the recovery ward feeling surprised that it was all done (and very relieved). It's now 1330 and I have had some water and a sandwich as well as the all important tea. Feel fine but the sensation is only just starting to come back into my legs so still to feel the pain. Have oxygen in and a drip but no drain in the wound. Trying not to drink anymore until I can fully feel my bottom half as a side effect of the epidural can be that you pee yourself as you can't feel anything! Would prefer to avoid that if possible. The hospital has wifi but unfortunately no sky sports - was hoping to while away a few hours watching some golf!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

That was a surprise!

Been having a problem with my right hip for about a year and have been taking anti inflammatory tablets to manage the problem.  Thought it was a tendon problem as it was really only a problem when I crouched down a lot or after playing golf.  Felt mostly OK throughout the 900kms of the Camino and had hoped that 5 weeks without golf and no crouching would help my hip recover.  However, it was not significantly better so I booked to see a consultant.  Result - hip replacement on 16 Nov 2012!!  Hope it OK for next autumn.